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If you watched "Who Wants To Be A Superhero" on the Sci Fi channel, you saw Feedback win the ultimate prize:  IMMORTALITY!  Check out Dark Horse Comics to see when the first issue of Feedback hits comic book shelves, and stay tuned for more information on the Sci Fi Channel's Saturday Night Original Movie that will feature Feedback.

What's New

Check out the FREE audio version of the Feedback comic book we created with the help of RFB&D, featuring Stan Lee! Download the MP3 (25MB)
AUDIO DRAMA: It's here! EPISODE 8! A brand new Feedback audio adventure at Broken Sea, featuring Feedback, his wife, Sarah, and the members of Tech Support! This episode is the conclusion of the "Cover of Darkness" story, written by David Lo and Kim Gianopoluos!
Feedback at Origins - June 25 - 29th! - GAME ON! Feedback will be raising money for charities and running a Champions game on Friday! Get all the details at: http://www.originsgamefair.com/!!!

Feedback in RUSSIA!!! - That's right! Check out the AWESOME audio-article created by Charles Maynes, complete with sound effects at http://www.podstantsiya.ru/?area=postsa&=436 and it's in RUSSIAN!!!

Join STAN LEE for a web conference and find out how to achieve greatness!!!
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April 26th - 27th, Feedback made a special appearance at the Cape Girardeau Comic Con at SEMO University in Cape Girardeau, Missouri!! And he while there, he found a SIDEKICK! Meet Nathan Wareing, who won the sidekick competition! GAME ON, Nathan!

AUDIO DRAMA!, Feedback and Tech Support are back in Episode 7 of Feedback: A Hero's Calling with Cover of Darkness! Check it out!

Hey! Check out the painted Feedback action figure! Shocker Toys will be creating the Feedback Action Figure coming soon! This picture was taken during the New York Toy Fair, February 17th - 21st!

February 15th - 17th, Feedback appeared as the Celebrity Guest for Conflation in St. Louis, MO! And, yes, that is a Nerf gun! They gave it to me for the Nerf war, and it was an absolute blast! (Even though I did get shot at quite a bit!)

Jazma Online did a recent interview online!

November 24th - 25th, Feedback returned for a second time and appeared with The Defuser from Season 2 at Mid-Ohio-Con in Columbus, OH!

November 16th - 18th, Feedback and Fat Momma will appear with The Defuser from Season 2 at Wizard World Texas in Arlington, TX!

November 11th, Feedback and Fat Momma will appear with The Defuser, Parthenon and Mindset from Season 2 at Tampa Con in Tampa, FL!

October 21st, Feedback will appear at the Syracuse Heroes Expo in Liverpool, NY!

Coming soon! The Action Figure Sculpture! Shocker Toys will be creating the Feedback Action Figure due out the beginning of 2008!

October 5th - 7th, Feedback appeared at Chiller Theatre in Parsippany, NJ!

September 29th - 30th, Feedback and Fat Momma appeared at Mickey Sinardi's Showstopper Stars Spectacular in North Hollywood, CA!

September 21st - 22nd, Feedback and Fat Momma will appear at Rocky and Brenda's Celebrity Meet and Greet in Las Vegas, NV!
Be sure to catch The Superhero After Show each week on SciFi.com Feedback interviews the departed heroes after each elimination!

Regarding Mega Snake, first of all, I want to thank each of you for your support.

I've been reading the emails, IMDB and MySpace messages and Sci Fi forum posts, and although I felt extremely lucky before, the desire that everyone has expressed to see more Feedback has made me feel even luckier. You all are just awesome. Sci Fi should consider themselves lucky to have you, too!

Many of you asked me how I felt about Mega Snake. Obviously, I've known for a while that my role was pretty small, but I tried to be positive about it, and not be disappointed by the length of the role. After all, they could have just put my costume on a Bulgarian and it would have fulfilled the letter of the contract.

I was worried from the beginning that fans of the show would be disappointed with how things turned out. A year is a long time to wait, and I really wanted that loyalty to be rewarded.

I didn't have any control over the movie, obviously. The execs at Sci Fi thought they were doing something pretty special by allowing me to even be in the film, and for that I remain grateful. They paid for my flight to Bulgaria, and I'm going to post some behind-the-scenes footage that I took while I was there, as soon as I get it edited together.

Sometimes, the only way you can make an experience positive is by having a positive attitude, but that doesn't mean that I'm not disappointed, too. I hope that the outcry from the fans will encourage Sci Fi to do something more, because I'd love to have the challenge of doing a really cool Feedback film.

So if you want to express to Sci Fi how you feel, here are a few quick options:

  1. Click on this link and sign the online petition. It’s a quick and easy way to stand up and be counted. http://www.petitiononline.com/mafbm/petition.html. (Thanks to Aimee for making it!)
  2. Email Sci Fi directly. The email address is, ironically enough, feedback@scifi.com.
  3. Register online here, in the upper left corner and be counted among the number of Feedback fans. You won’t get any superhero spam – just updates on what the collective effort resulted in, and it will give me a good number to go by to tell Sci Fi how many die-hard Feedback fans are out there. And, as a token of my appreciation, I will randomly draw one email address per month (for the next three months) and send the recipient a signed DVD of the full Season 1 of “Who Wants To Be a Superhero?” along with an autographed photo and a Feedback T-Shirt. You can register as many email addresses per household as you like, as long as each one represents a different person.

In the meantime, we've been creating some great audio dramas over at Broken Sea (http://www.brokensea.com/feedback/feedback.htm) and be sure to check out Tech Support, the official Feedback Fan Club with links to the group on the left side of this page.

It's nice to know that people really care about me receiving the prize. And I think I know why. Because, in a way, it would be proof that people really can have a dream come true. And in this day and age, when there is so much evidence of dreams being crushed, we need a little hope.

In a way, this is just like another challenge from the show. It really isn't up to other people to make our dreams come true. It's up to us. So that's what we'll do.



August 31st - September 3rd, Feedback, Fat Momma and Major Victory appeared at Dragon*Con in Atlanta, GA!
Feedback appeared in MegaSnake on August 25th at 9:00 PM (ET)! The SciFi channel flew Feedback to Bulgaria to film his role in the movie as part of the prize for winning Season 1 of "Who Wants To Be a Superhero?"
August 25th Feedback also appeared at The Comic Bookie in Claremont, CA with Fat Momma, met a lot of great people and signed comic books!
GenCon 2007 had Feedback, Fat Momma, and Major Victory as guests, August 16th-19th!
At GenCon 2007, pick up your EXCLUSIVE "Feedback Loop" token for True Dungeon, and give to the "Make-A-Wish" Foundation and Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic!
San Diego Comic Con welcomed Feedback, Fat Momma, and Major Victory as guests, July 26th-29th! Feedback signed autographs and participated in a panel with Stan Lee about Season 2 (along with Hyper-Strike and Hygena)!
At the Season 2 Premiere Party for Who Wants To Be a Superhero? on July 18th!! With Major Victory, Fat Momma, and an "incognito" Creature!
The COMIC IS HERE!!! You can order it from Dark Horse, or pick it up at your local comic shop (available as of July 5th)! It's a whopping 40 pages! WOW!
Here's just a sample of GREAT artwork, done by Will Conrad! And the story and script really is by Stan Lee!
July 7th Feedback will be appearing at 4 Color Fantasies in Rancho Cucamonga, from 12:00 noon to 3:00PM! He'll be signing the books and celebrating the release of the comic!
July 26-29th was San Diego Comic Con! Fat Momma, Major Victory and Feedback were there, along with Hyper-Strike and Hygena from the cast from Season 2!!!
June 18th Feedback, Fat Momma and Major Victory are getting immortalized as ACTION FIGURES by Shocker Toys!
June 16th Feedback appeared with Fat Momma at the Frank and Son Collectible Show in the City of Industry, CA!
June 9th, Feedback appeared at THE ZONE a comic book shop in Lousiville, KY, and met some really great people!
May 18th, 19th, and 20th, Feedback appeared with Fat Momma and Major Victory at the Motor City Comic Con in Novi, near Detroit, Michigan!
April 28th Feedback appeared with Fat Momma, Major Victory and Nitro G at the FX Lite Show in Orlando, Florida!
March 31st and April 1st, Feedback appeared at the Emerald City Con! Feedback used to LIVE in Seattle, but still forgot to bring his umbrella! Congratulations to Jeff Adams who won the autographed "Who Wants To Be a Supehero?" DVD!
March 24th and 25th, Feedback appeared at the Steel City Con! It was a blast, and Feedback got to meet up with several members of Tech Support!
AUDIO DRAMA: Still can't wait for the comic to come out?  Well, you can HEAR a brand new Feedback adventure (Episode 2!) at Broken Sea, featuring Feedback, his wife, Sarah, and now members of Tech Support!
March 12th - 14th, Feedback was at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure enjoying the vacation prize from winning season 1, meeting fans, and having a great time with Sarah at the Hard Rock Hotel!
Download your New York Comic-Con Photo! CLICK HERE!
  The Feedback comic book will now hit the shelves July 4th.  It was pushed back to coincide with the airing of Season 2.   The SciFi Original Movie featuring Feedback should come out in mid-2007!
SEASON 2: Audition forms have been posted at www.scifi.com/superhero!  Thinking of auditioning?  Well, here are some tips from Feedback!
#1) Don't make your costume black - choose a relatively solid color, or theme color - green, blue, yellow, etc. Everyone thinks black is "cool" but you may just become part of the background in all black.

#2) Be heroic. Be yourself, but your most heroic self. Show leadership, a selfless desire to help others succeed, and do so outside of the "on camera" portion of the audition. It's what got me noticed, and it could work for you, too!

#3) Have a really good personal story - something that will inspire people, something that others can find in common with you, but that will allow them to see how you are special, different, and deserve to have this chance. Obviously, don't make anything up, but portray yourself in the best light possible to demonstrate your unique characteristics.

#4) Work hard on your costume - make it look REALLY sharp, and not as though you threw it together the night before.

#5) Develop a character so that the gist of it isn't too complicated, and is easy to define. For example, see if you can sum up your character in one line, like, "She gets her powers from eating doughnuts" or "She uses banana gadgets and sonic screeches" or "He can emulate the powers from video games!"

#6) Be passionate. Let it mean a lot to you. That's what the show is about, and the more passionate about it you are, the more they'll look at you as a possible candidate to be on Season 2!

Game on, and good luck!

AUDIO DRAMA: Can't wait for the comic to come out?  Well, you can HEAR a brand new Feedback adventure at Darker Projects, featuring Feedback and his wife, Sarah!
February 3rd, Feedback and Fat Momma appeared at Comic Bookie, a comic shop in Claremont, CA. Everyone who came got a special copy of a Matt Haley "Feedback" illustration!
January 27th and 28th, Feedback appeared at the Phoenix Comic Con, along with Matt Haley who did all of the awesome comic-book panels for each of the commercial breaks for "Who Wants To Be a Superhero?".
January 20th - Feedback appeared at LightSpeed Hobbies, in Portage, IN. Feedback made a special effort to arrange the appearance, all because of the efforts of one fan! Thanks, Jared! Everyone who came got a special copy of a Matt Haley "Feedback" illustration!
November 25th and 26th, Feedback appeared at the Mid-Ohio Con, along with Matt Haley who did all of the awesome comic-book panels for each of the commercial breaks for "Who Wants To Be a Superhero?".  To see pictures and fan artwork from the show, go to the Albums page! 
October 6th - It was announced that "Who Wants To Be a Superhero?" will be back for a second season - this time with 10 episodes of Superhero challenges!!!

August 31st - Feedback was named Stan Lee's Next Great Superhero. The most amazing feeling in the world, second only to helping another person. A huge thanks to everyone who sent MySpace messages, posted comments, sent emails, and made phone calls of support!

August 24th - It was a gut-wrenching night - Major Victory is no longer with us.  Fat Momma and I must compete next week for the win.

August 17th - Now Creature and Lemuria are gone.  Only Major Victory, Fat Momma, and I remain.  The final three!

August 10th - We lost Monkey Woman and Ty'Veculus tonight... and a new and deadly supervillain was revealed - The Dark Enforcer!

The Feedback website, www.forcefeedback.tv went online, Wednesday, August 9th, the night before episode 3.

August 4th - Feedback reveals details of his early childhood to a reporter from Las Cruces in an interview with the Las Cruces Sun-News.

August 3rd - We lost Cell Phone Girl and Iron Enforcer tonight... our numbers are dwindling....

The Feedback Fan Club site went online on July 30th, created by fans who we now know as, "Tech Support!"  Thanks for the support!  Game on!

July 27th - The first episode of Who Wants To Be a Superhero airs, and we immediately lose two great heroes: Levity, and my good friend Nitro G.

Feedback was there at the Who Wants To Be a Superhero panel at The San Diego Comic Con on Friday, July 21st, from 11:30 - 12:30 PM.

San Diego Comic Con

Feedback was also at The San Diego Comic Con in the Dark Horse booth, with his fellow heroes on Friday, July 21st, from 5:00 - 6:00 PM.

Check out the interviews of all the heroes on the Dark Horse web site.